Cuban Hanging Bird Bath or Feeder

Color Options

  • Cuban Hanging Bird Bath or Feeder Clear
  • Cuban Hanging Bird Bath or Feeder Lime
  • Cuban Hanging Bird Bath or Feeder Red
  • Cuban Hanging Bird Bath or Feeder Orange
  • Cuban Hanging Bird Bath or Feeder Aqua
  • Cuban Hanging Bird Bath or Feeder Bluebird Blue
  • Cuban Hanging Bird Bath or Feeder Ruby Red
  • Item Sku : M337-200-00
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    Item Sku : M337-200-06
    Item Sku : M337-200-08
    Item Sku : M337-200-09
    Item Sku : M337-200-75
    Item Sku : M337-200-76
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The Cuban Glass & Metal Hanging Bird Bath is the perfect accent piece for any outdoor garden. Hang the bath with the easy to use open top hook and enjoy as songbirds of all kinds come rushing to your bird sanctuary. Add small rocks and water to watch butterflies and small birds enjoy their fun in the sun. This eco friendly bird bath will add color and charm to any garden. Hand wash only.
Features & Benefits
  • Ample Volume - Large enough to support multiple birds at once
  • Simple Attach Design - Provides a simple and effective way to hang your feeder
  • Removeable Glass Bowl - Promotes simple and efficient cleaning methods
  • Eco Friendly Design and Construction- Environmentally conscious design ensures the durability of the feeder and the safety of the bird
  • Alternate Usage - Insert seeds, mealworms, jelly, or suet pellets into the detachable glass bowl to feed a variety of songbirds
  • Product Measurements: 7.75" L x 9.75" W x 9.75" H
  • Beautiful Packaging - Gift boxed to create a beautiful and memorable gift for any gardener, bird watcher, or nature lover
  • Colors- Some colors are painted with a transparent or solid lacquer paint. Hand Wash Only.

"It is a compliment to the grade of the finish on your products that my lime green one and bright red one are just as colorful as they were 10 years ago. It is marvelous that you can buy replacement dishes. I am a big fan!"

- Terry Davitt

“These feeders are so substantial, they could become part of a multi-generational legacy, something I won't have to replace next year, or the year after.”

- Doug Whetstone

"Beautiful, but also sturdy. I find that it's easier to hang the loop first, then place the water-filled dish inside. Looking forward to many years of use."

- Susan Purdue

“Great feeder! Better than I expected. Good size. Beautiful orange color. Very strong and durable. I use it for outdoor bird feeding. Perfect size for mealworms.”

- Libby

“Such a great feeder! So easy to use and my backyard birds can't get enough!”

- Tim

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