About Us

Mosaic is For the Birds, Naturally

Fresh and inventive as a wood thrush’s song, Mosaic’s bird feeders and birdbaths merge elegant designs and bright colors with ecological sustainability and durability — all with a keen eye for bird safety.


What Makes Mosaic Bird Feeders & Baths Different

Safety, sustainability, and artful aesthetic are at the core of our mission. Some highlights include:

  • Daily feeders. Most of our feeders are smaller in size, keeping food fresh and minimizing the potential of diseases.
  • Our products are made from glass and rust-resistant powder-coated metal.
  • Our products contain minimal plastic and no harmful BPAs.
  • All items are made from recycled glass and produced with eco-friendly processes.
  • We design our feeders to match the natural poetry of your backyard. Our European designers help make our products stand out creatively, while also blending in with their native surroundings.

The Mosaic Birds Collection mimics nature’s artistry of colors. Place some in your garden, and you might even end up with an entertaining mosaic of birds nesting nearby.


Are Mosaics Suited to My Location?

Yes. Our designs fit in and function everywhere, from urban-area high-rise apartment porches to rural flowering farmland fields. We offer stake feeders and birdbaths that can be placed in flower beds and planters, as well as hanging feeders and baths that can be suspended from a tree or porch. We even offer a tabletop stand, which is ideal for porches. 


The History of a Bird-Brained Idea

When Christophe Robin (yes, that’s his real name!) bought a plastic hummingbird feeder back in 2014, he became distraught. Besides the worry of BPA leaking into the nectar, the feeder soon became brittle and began to deteriorate. He realized bird feeders with short lifespans were a waste of natural resources, plus a burden on our already plastic-saturated world.

His dissatisfaction soon gave wings to a graceful solution — Mosaic Birds.

He and his wife, Lisa, were already running two companies focused on eco-friendly products. In 1993 they had started Couronne Company, a home décor glass and metal firm emphasizing eco-friendly, recycled materials. In 2012 they launched their recycled glass packaging division, Glassnow, to help manufacturers transition away from chemical-laden plastic packaging in the home fragrance, gourmet food, and bath and body industries.

They realized they could dovetail their knowledge and background in décor, design, and glass manufacturing toward bird products — and Mosaic Birds took flight.

One product soon turned into the full collection that they now share with fellow gardeners and bird lovers. Today, their bright, colorful glass feeders and baths are sold in top online marketplaces, as well as many birding, gift, and hardware stores.

The name Mosaic Birds represents Christophe and Lisa’s colorful vision and products — and a vibrant, healthy natural world filled with a rainbow of birds.


Mosaic Birds is proud members of these birding Associations:

National Audubon Society

Texas Bluebird Society

Hummingbird Society

Travis Audubon Society

North American Bluebird Society


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