Tips on How to Attract Bluebirds

Okay, you want to attract bluebirds to brighten up your life even more. But to succeed in your goal, you need to be aware of some details. We prepared some tips for bluebirds to always feel welcome in your backyard.

Water Source

Putting the right food in your backyard isn’t always enough to draw in those beautiful blue flocks. Bluebirds also need water for bathing and drinking. We suggest using the 20oz Cuban for it’s bath capabilities to go along side your Mosaic feeder to attract more birds.

See the Cuban Bird Bath & Feeder >

The Right Food

Bluebirds are ground feeders by nature. So, keeping your feeders stocked in a way that aligns with their everyday hunt is ideal. These foods include berries and other fresh fruit such as sumac, holly, and even raisins. But above all, Bluebirds are most attracted to mealworm. We suggest stocking your Hummble feeders with live, roasted or canned, mealworm and compliment that feeder with a planted berry bush nearby. Stay away from Pesticides or other chemically induced foods! This can cause serious harm to the birds’ health. Applying all of the above will give them a feasting environment most natural to their everyday life.

Out of Harm’s Way

Because Bluebirds are ground-oriented birds, they’re at risk of interference by predators. It’s best to keep feeders high off the ground so that cats can’t reach them, and avoid hanging them from branches thick enough for an animal to walk on. Our easy hook system make this very easy and convenient to accomplish.


Combining our perch feeders with an open space will not only give the Bluebirds an ideal spot for feeding, but also give them an opportunity to hunt insects from your yard. Our Hummble Bold feeder is designed perfectly to accomplish this.

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