Petite 360 Seed Cylinder Feeder

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  • Petite 360 Seed Cylinder Feeder Clear
  • Petite 360 Seed Cylinder Feeder Red
  • Petite 360 Seed Cylinder Feeder Cobalt Blue
  • Item Sku : M392-200
    Item Sku : M392-200-06
    Item Sku : M392-200-15
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Description: Feeding birds has never been so safe or easy! Using an intelligent and eco friendly design made of metal and recycled glass, this seed cylinder feeder will attract all types of songbirds. The domed design protects birds from the elements while they eat. Simply insert the seed cylinder you wish to use, attach it to the metal carrier with an easy to use hook, and watch as Wrens, Goldfinches, Chickadees, Cardinals or other songbirds enjoy their food in comfort and luxury. Hand-Wash Only.
Features & Benefits
  • Glass Weather Dome - 11" transparent glass awning deflects water and debris away from the birds and their dish
  • Recycled Glass & Powder-Coated Metal Construction- Makes for an eco friendly and long lasting feeder
  • Size Compatibility - Works with up to three seed stackable seed cylinders or seed balls up to 5" in height
  • 20oz Capacity- Accommodates several birds at once
  • Waste Prevention - Cylinder feeders allow birds to pick the food they eat limiting the amount of food spilled or wasted
  • Product Measurements: 11" L x 11" W x 9.75" H
  • Gift Boxed: Packaged in a decorative gift box
  • Care Instructions - Hand Wash Only
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“These feeders are so substantial, they could become part of a multi-generational legacy, something I won't have to replace next year, or the year after.”

- Doug Whetstone

"Beautiful, but also sturdy. I find that it's easier to hang the loop first, then place the water-filled dish inside. Looking forward to many years of use."

- Susan Purdue

“Great feeder! Better than I expected. Good size. Beautiful orange color. Very strong and durable. I use it for outdoor bird feeding. Perfect size for mealworms.”

- Libby

“Such a great feeder! So easy to use and my backyard birds can't get enough!”

- Tim

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