The Cottage - House Bird Feeder

Color Options

  • The Cottage - House Bird Feeder Aqua
  • The Cottage - House Bird Feeder Lime
  • The Cottage - House Bird Feeder Orange
  • The Cottage - House Bird Feeder Red
  • Item Sku : M447-200-A
    Item Sku : M447-200-L
    Item Sku : M447-200-O
    Item Sku : M447-200-R
Description: From beautiful orioles to dark-eyed juncos, we've got the perfect perch and feeder to attract flocks and charms of your favorite birds. The 6 inch Metal & Glass House Bird Feeder is designed to provide food and shelter for small birds of all varieties including Bluebirds, Juncos, Orioles or any songbird. It comes in vivid-hues sure to make this season of backyard birding the best ever. Set includes the metal birdhouse with a single hole in the back to screw or nail to a post or fence and matching 3.4 oz glass dish. Hand-wash only.
Features & Benefits
  • 1/2 Cup Volume- Allows for simple food replacement and diet variation, keeping your birds safe and healthy
  • Simple Attach Design - Mount to any fence or post with a single nail or screw
  • Platform Perch - Plenty of room for birds to sit back and relax as they enjoy their mealworm
  • Removeable Glass Dish - Promotes simple and efficient cleaning methods
  • Eco Friendly Design and Construction-Environmentally conscious composition for a safer and sturdier bird feeder
  • Product Measurements: 6" L x 6" W x 6" H
  • Beautiful Packaging - Gift boxed to create a beautiful and memorable gift for an gardener, bird watcher, or nature lover
  • Leakproof Dish - Capable of holding water, mealworms, seeds, suet nuggets, jelly, fruit and other food to attract a greater variety of songbirds
  • Care Instructions - Hand Wash Only

“These feeders are so substantial, they could become part of a multi-generational legacy, something I won't have to replace next year, or the year after.”

- Doug Whetstone

"Beautiful, but also sturdy. I find that it's easier to hang the loop first, then place the water-filled dish inside. Looking forward to many years of use."

- Susan Purdue

“Great feeder! Better than I expected. Good size. Beautiful orange color. Very strong and durable. I use it for outdoor bird feeding. Perfect size for mealworms.”

- Libby

“Such a great feeder! So easy to use and my backyard birds can't get enough!”

- Tim

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