The Hanging Double Poppy Feeder’s original and versatile design makes it a truly unique product.  The decorative feeder offers two distinctive options for use.  First, secure both dishes facing up to act as a double feeder and pair with a weather dome or baffle to protect the contents inside.  Or, reverse the top dish and transform it into a domed baffle to protect your tiny visitors from the elements. Accent your garden by displaying these feeders in different colors and offer your birds a variety of food options including seeds, suet, peanuts, mealworms, fruit, jelly, and more.  The sturdy metal rod with top hook allows for easy placement near your favorite viewing area.


• Recycled Glass & Powder Coated Metal Construction - Makes for an eco-friendly and long lasting feeder

• Sturdy Metal Rod with Hook – Allows for easy attachment

• Color Infused Glass - Glass is artisan made with color infused inside
• Easy To Maintain Design - Supports quick hand cleaning to prevent bacteria and seed rot
• Silicone Washers and Galvanized Screws (Included) - Keeps glass protected from metal
• Care Instructions - Hand wash only

• Gift Boxed- Packaged in decorative gift box

• Leak-Proof Design- A rubber washer surrounds the glass dish and metal rod, creating a leak-proof feeder ideal for use as a waterer during summer months.

• Accessory – Pair with Mosaic Birds Weather Guard/Baffle (Sold Separately)

Hanging Double Poppy Feeder

SKU: M385-200
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