The Hummble Replacement Dish is the perfect bowl to give your favorite songbirds the food they crave. The 3.4 oz capacity promotes daily food variation and hand cleaning methods which keep your birds safe and healthy. The replacement dish is readily detachable making cleaning and changing food easier than ever before, giving your birds the safest way to eat the food they love. The design of the bowl allows you to use mealworms, seeds, jelly, fruit, or suet pellets to attract songbirds such as bluebirds, orioles,and juncos. Hand wash only. 

Multi-Feed™ Glass Dish

SKU: 7542
    • 1/2 Cup Volume - Promotes daily maintenance and consistent food variation, allowing consistency in both the bird's diet and hygiene
    • Detachable Bowl - For easy installation and removal, promotes daily food variation and cleaning methods
    • Leakproof Dish - Capable of holding water, mealworms, seeds, suet nuggets, jelly, fruit and other food to attract a greater variety of songbirds
    • Recycled Glass Composition - Environmentally conscious design to ensure the birds safety and the bowl’s durability
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