While dainty in appearance, the Single Hanging Poppy Feeder is full of whimsy and charm. The feeder is a perfect size for small spaces like apartment balconies or patios. For larger areas, hang in different colors at varying levels to create an eye catching display both you and your birds are sure to love.  Provide a medley of food choices such as mealworms, fruit, jelly, peanuts, or suet when displaying multiple feeders together. Simply place the sturdy metal rod with hook near your favorite viewing area, sit back, and enjoy the beauty of nature.


• Recycled Glass & Powder Coated Metal Construction - Makes for an eco-friendly and long lasting feeder

• Sturdy Metal Rod with Hook – Allows for easy attachment

• Color Infused Glass - Glass is artisan made with color infused inside
• Easy To Maintain Design - Supports quick hand cleaning to prevent bacteria and seed rot
• Silicone Washers and Galvanized Screws (Included) - Keeps glass protected from metal
• Care Instructions - Hand wash only

• Gift Boxed- Packaged in decorative gift box

Single Hanging Poppy Feeder

SKU: M386-200
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